United States Building Energy Efficiency Retrofits

The DB Climate Change Advisors (DBCCA) and The Rockefeller Foundation recently released a research study detailing the potential size and investment opportunity of upgrading and replacing energy-consuming equipment in US real estate. 

The main highlights in the document are that $279 billion could be invested in retrofitting in the US. That investment alone could yield more than $1 trillion of energy savings in 10 years, approx saving 30% of annual electricity spent in the US.

The report goes on to investigate different financial models that would implement the new savings in residential and corporate sectors.

Green More Than Just Your Beer This St. Patrick’s Day

"St. Patty’s Day is here,

Everybody is drinking beer,

A sea of Green, White, and Gold,

Blowing in the cold,

And now it’s over, back next year”     -Dean Murphy

This St. Patrick’s Day, we at GreenSavings.Coop are Greenifying more than just our beer!

Here are some tips:

Buy a local beer to share with your friends. - Then dye it green. 

Take public transportation back home from the bar - That way you save your pocket the chunk of change you’d spend on a cab and also not risk driving.

If you’re through a big bash, use locally grownGreenson your platters. - You’ll impress your friends with your sustainable color coordination.


Good News!

The U.S. Virgin Islands have started a plan to reduce the fossil fuel by 60% by the year 2025. The USVI plan includes the implementation of five different renewable energy technologies.

Similar to other islands, the USVI relies heavily on imported oil, but with the help of NREL the islands plan to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Currently, the USVI burn about 2.6 million barrels of oil each year between electricity and water desalination. But if all goes to plan, by 2025, the islands will hopefully reduce their oil consumption to about 1 million barrels each year.

(Source: ecogeek.org)

Our interns are Hard at work this Tuesday afternoon!!

Our interns are Hard at work this Tuesday afternoon!!

Girls: Spring is right around the corner and do you know what that means? New wardrobe time! Now is the time to revamp your style while also helping the planet. Here are some new and sustainable accessories you can buy! 

A new concept designed to use small wind turbines in a sleep mask to use a user’s breath to charge small electronic devices.